January 09, 2017

Exhibition "Urban systems (second edition)"

The work done in the second edition of the learning space “Urban Systems” was presented by students in the civic centre Can Felipa, Barcelona, in January 2017 – their works were exhibited until April 2017....READ MORE

June 06, 2016

Exhibition "Poster exhibition at the Belgrade international workshop"

Exhibition of the preparatory works produced for the third international workshop, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, 6-11 June 2016...READ MORE

May 26, 2016

Exhibition "OIKONET project"

An exhibition of the work carried out in the OIKONET project has taken place at the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Volos, from 23 -30 May 2016....READ MORE

October 23, 2015

THINKING DWELLING Publication - October 2015

Publication of the first edition of the THINKING DWELLING program organized by the School of Architecture La Salle, in September 2015....READ MORE

September 21, 2015

Exhibition "Thinking Dwelling (first edition)"

A poster exhibition of the work done by students and teachers in the first edition of the  “Thinking Dwelling” learning space, School of Architecture  La Salle, Barcelona, 1...READ MORE

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