June 15, 2016

Presentation of OIKONET work on pedagogical innovation at the “Jornades d’Innovació Docent”, Barcelona

In June 2016, two one-day conferences dedicated to presenting and discussing projects on pedagogical innovation were organized at the School of Architecture Engineering La Salle (June 15, 2016) and at the Ramon Llull University (June 29, 2016). The work carried out in OIKONET was presented by Lea...READ MORE

May 19, 2016

Slovak Radio informs about participatory action in Bratislava

A report on one of the participatory actions organised by Bratislava municipality about the future development of the area around the lake Zemník, was broadcast May 19, 2016 on the READ MORE

March 08, 2016

Presentation at the LESEC Annual Event, 2016

Tomas Ooms gave a presentation titled “An OIKONET Design Studio Showca...READ MORE

September 25, 2015

Article about the OIKONET Bratislava conference in Croatian Journal of Social Policy

An article about the second international conference in Bratislava appeared in the Croatian Journal of Social Policy (Revija za socijalnu politiku)...READ MORE

October 20, 2014

Presentation“Strategic Thinking on Habitat Regeneration in Europe – the Serbian Participation in an Ongoing OIKONET Pedagogic Activity”, Tenth International Miklós Iványi PhD & DLA Symposium, University of Pécs; October 20–21, 2014

A paper with the title “Strategic Thinkin...READ MORE

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