February 01, 2017

Interview in Radio Ciutat Vella about the work done in “Housing Systems”

On February 1, 2017, Leandro Madrazo, Ángel Martin Cojo and Cynthia Echave participated in a debate in the local Radio Ciutat Vella, in Barcelona. They were invited to talk about the work done by students in the “Urban Systems” OIKONET elective course which was dedicated to ana...READ MORE

September 01, 2015

Chapters in the book “Selección de Proyectos”

Carla Sentieri wrote three chapters in the Yearbook 2013/14 published by the Departamento de Proyecctos Arquitectónicos, ETSA-UPV, which describe the work carrie...READ MORE

April 30, 2015

FAU Noticias (Chile)

Information on the Barcelona project conference with title “Académica d...READ MORE

March 30, 2015

Presentation of the work of OIKONET on pedagogical innovation the “Seminário de Inovação Pedagógica no Ensino Superior e-Learning e Tecnologias Digitais”, ISCTE-IUL

Alexandra Paio gave a presentation at the Seminar “Seminário de Inovação Pedagógica no Ensino Superior e-Learning e Tecnologias Digitais” (Pedagogical Innovation in Higher Education e-Learning and Digital Technologies Lisbon) about the work on pedagogical i...READ MORE

February 17, 2015

RiminiSocial 2.0 Web-Journal

Information on an OIKONET-inspired workshop in Rimini was published in the local web-journal RiminiSocial 2.0 with the title “All Inclusive – W...READ MORE

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