February 28, 2017

D6.5 Final Quality Report

This report summarizes the results of all the evaluation activities performed during the project: events (project meetings, conferences); learning activities (lea...READ MORE

February 28, 2017

D6.2 Feedback on the evaluations from the events.

This report briefly presents and discusses the results of the evaluation of events that took place during the whole OIKONET project. 18 sub-network...READ MORE

February 28, 2017

D6.4 Evaluation of the digital environment

This report briefly presents and discusses the evaluation results regarding the use of tools for communicating and document sharing available to the OIKONET partn...READ MORE

February 28, 2017

D6.3 Evaluation of learning activities

This report briefly presents and discusses the major results from the evaluation of OIKONET’s learning activities. A total of 9 learning spac...READ MORE

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